Our History

Metin Güleç moved to Ankara from Çorum Province, Alaca District, Geven Village in 1959.
He had dealt with cold ironing works at construction fields till 1954.
He first completed his build-sale model construction in 1974 and became a contractor.
He had performed the construction and sales works of 694 floors mainly in Ankara, till 1987.
Metin Güleç started to the sales of iron and construction materials in a 2500 square-metered area located in Ankara Demirciler Site in 1988.
In 1996, he purchased 24 pieces computerized socks machine and stepped up to the socks manufacturing sector.
Socks manufacturing plant has been established and started for production in a 9.500 square-metered area, located in Ankara, Akyurt Province in 1997.
Also in 1997 Ready Iron Plant has been established on a 7.200 square-metered area and a new start for iron works has been taken with technological equipments.
In 2004 Güleç Textile Marketing Export & Import Limited Company started to its activity.
In 2005 the first retailer sales store started to its activity in Akyurt Province of Ankara.